A few tips.... buyer beware.

Your photographs are very precious - don't get "ripped off" or worse!  

It seems that more and more people are offering a photograph restoration service via the internet, or even in the "High Street", and I urge you to be careful who you choose as it can be very difficult to pick the good from the bad.  Too many people (and sadly that includes some professional photographers) see this as a way to make a quick profit and they have neither the time, the skill or the equipment to do a "proper" job.

Unfortunately the price you may be asked to pay does not bear much relationship to the finished product.  I have seen excellent work which has been produced efficiently and cheaply but, more often, shoddy work for which the customer has been asked to pay a very high price.  Sadly, many customers are poor judges of quality and easily hoodwinked by smooth sales technique.  The same job may be quoted as low as 10 by one person and as high as 120 by another.  How do you choose? What is the catch?

If you take your photograph to a "High Street" shop don't be afraid to ask them who is actually going to be doing the work.  Are they just acting as an agency (and adding their percentage, possibly doubling the price) or are they undertaking the work themselves.  If they are passing the work on to a third party are you happy about that arrangement?

Anyone can create a web site and many web sites look utterly professional and convincing, try to see through the gloss.

Things to check......

Please be careful
I do not have unhappy customers..... ever!

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