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Please contact me to discuss your requirements.  E-mail, address and telephone / fax numbers shown below.  If you would like a brochure I shall put one in the post although all important details are contained on this web-site.  Personal callers welcome at any time but please telephone first if possible, I make excellent coffee.

I can copy any size photograph from the smallest locket to large panorama school or "forces" photographs.  Slides, or transparencies can also be transferred using my Nikon film scanner or the large flat-bed scanner.

Here is some advice about how to pack and send your photographs and although they will be posted at your own risk I have never had anything "lost in the post".  Items must be sensibly packaged and sent by "Special Delivery".  As a general rule, never send anything in a glazed frame, sheets of glass do not travel well!  Please click here to view detailed mailing instructions.

All work is guaranteed, my reputation means everything to me.  If you are not happy I will do whatever is necessary to resolve the problem.

Each restored picture will be sent to you with a Certificate confirming that I have used the finest materials and that the picture will resist fading or colour shifts.  My work will last for generations if looked after properly.

I keep a digital master copy of both the original and the retouched photograph in an archive with multiple backups, these are stored indefinitely.  It gives added security and makes it possible for me to provide you with additional copies without having to repeat the restoration process.
Continued investment in the latest and most advanced equipment and materials available ensures the highest quality product.  Currently, prints are produced using a system of 10 pigment inks on archive quality papers, there is no better process available.  The quality of printed image exceeds that of a conventional photograph and, more importantly, is also much more resistant to fading and colour shifts. All prints are, in addition, treated with "Print Guard" for even greater stability and long term protection.  I expect my prints to last well into the next century!

"Restore A Photo" is part of Les Sullivan Group Photography Ltd. The director, Les Sullivan LMPA, LBIPP, has worked as a professional photographer for more than 30 years and also has a personal interest in genealogy. He founded and runs the Beebe, Pliester and Woollett family history web sites and it is from this interest in family history that the restoration of old photographs developed, initially as a hobby, over 35 years ago using air brush and hand tinting, now of course everything is digital. 







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