How to send me your photographs

Adopt the "belt and braces" approach.  Your photographs are very precious.  I have not yet had a photograph lost or damaged in the post so pack it well and send it by "Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day" or by a similar "tracked" courier service.
Note: Although I have never had a problem with the lower cost "First Class Post - Recorded Delivery" I do not advise using it as it is not a fully tracked service but simply "signature on delivery".  "Special Delivery" is fully tracked and therefore more secure, typical cost is a little over 5 or £6.

Please follow these steps precisely:

  1. Place your photo carefully between two sheets of cardboard so that it cannot be bent or folded and tape the edges together so that it cannot fall out.
  2. Write your name and address on the cardboard packaging just in case it becomes separated from the outer envelope, also write "Photo Enclosed".
  3. Put the cardboard containing the photograph into a sturdy envelope with a brief note describing the work that you would like carried out.
  4. Make sure that you include your name, address and telephone number.
  5. Seal the envelope well and write "Photographs - Do Not Bend" on the cover.
  6. Write my address (shown below) on the front of the envelope.
  7. Put your name and "return" address on the back.
  8. Post the envelope to us by "Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day" or a suitable alternative.

I am sorry if this sounds as though I am stating the obvious but if you saw how some photographs are sent to me........

If you cannot separate your photograph from a glass frame or the photograph is very large please telephone me for advice.  Do not post glass without speaking to me first.

You will be contacted as soon as your photographs arrive, this is to put your mind at rest and let you know that they are safe.

There is no need to enclose payment.  Wait until I have given you a quote and you have agreed what needs to be done.  If in doubt, telephone me and if you get the ansaphone leave a message, I am here to help.  If you are not happy with my estimate I shall return your photograph immediately and pay the return postage myself.

The price quoted will not be exceeded.  Payment is by credit card or cheque after you have received the completed photograph.  You trust me with your photograph and I trust you to pay me promptly, trust seems to be a rather old fashioned concept these days but a much more pleasant way to work with people.  All my work is guaranteed.  If you are not satisfied, return the copy to me and I shall refund your payment, immediately.

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