Prices - February 2013

Frankly, I tend to ignore these prices as every job is unique. People visiting web sites do, however, like as much information as possible so this will give you a rough guide.

To copy and supply a print up to 5" x 7" including a small amount of correction and re-touching can cost as little as 15 with additional copies from only 5 (not inc. postage).

Restoration is charged by the hour and the time taken will vary from print to print.  Repairs to faces in particular can be very difficult and time consuming while backgrounds are often much easier to retouch.

Some small blemishes and dust marks are corrected free of charge as part of the copying process.

It is impossible to quote an accurate price without first seeing the original.  Some repairs may only take 5 or 10 minutes and a lot can be accomplished in half an hour.  Complex restoration, particularly of facial features or re-building missing areas, will take longer.

Estimates are completely free of charge, we will even pay the return postage if you choose not to accept my quotation.  Just send me your print, carefully packaged following the instructions which can be found by clicking here.

You may be pleasantly surprised.  What seems like a major disaster to you, could be a routine repair for me.

As a rough guide:

Minor - Simple restorations, including small cracks or tears expect 10 to 15.

Moderate - Several significant marks or creases, missing corner or minor repairs to main features, typically 25 to 35.

- For photographs needing a considerable amount of skilled restoration with damage to faces or other significant areas 50+

Hand Colouring - Subtle hand colouring or tinting (1940's style) - from about 15.  Many other effects can be applied.

Other Possibilities...... People can be removed from groups, added to groups, individual portraits produced from group shots, backgrounds changed or simply "cleaned up" etc. etc.  A lot depends on the quality of the original photograph.  Just ask. 

Fixed costs break down like this:

Description Price Guide (all inc.) Notes
Initial Scan, cropping and re-sizing, colour balance and contrast adjustment. 4.00 per scan Very large photographs (12"+) may need multiple scans.
Print up to approx 5" x 7" 5 Plus, of course, the cost of re-touching if restoration and repair is required.  The same price, b&w, sepia or colour.
Print up to approx 8" x 10" 10
Print up to approx 16" x 12" 25
Dry mounting (hot vacuum press) typically 5 to 10 Price depends on size.
Presentation mounts typically 5 to 15 Price depends on size, complexity and materials used.
Framing - made to measure typically 35 to 95 Price depends on size and materials.
Copy images to CD or DVD+ 5 (cd or dvd) For multiple images including the blank CD/DVD.
Postage and packing from 1.50 (copies by "First Class Post")
from 6.00 (originals sent "Special Delivery")
Charged at cost.

The average cost of restoring and copying a "typical" slightly damaged photograph is about 20 to 30 including postage and packing.  Additional prints (from 5) may be ordered at any time as they are printed from archived data.

Payment is by credit card or cheque within 28 days of dispatch of the photographs. You are guaranteed a full and immediate refund if you are not satisfied with the results. Your statutory rights are not affected.  Please do not include credit card details in any e-mail correspondence.






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